[N.102] Tell Me When You Feel Something ~VooDoo~



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Godsmack – Voodoo

The Romp Event is open from October 15th-29th.  Make sure you get in before it ends otherwise you will lose out on some Exclusive Only Items.

Alright, so after many failed TP’s I finally got in and I made up my mind – I was not leaving without buying anything.  I don’t do things for nothing.  I might buy things for nothing, but I don’t do it for nothing.  Well good thing I went because not only did I get me a kinky bed I also got me a kinky Sponsor – Dictatorshop, Dee creator of the bed that I happened to buy.

Short reviews for my Sponsored items:

The Sophisticated Bed from Dictatorshop is truly one of a kind.  It has a sexy sophisticated look hence the name.  The bed comes with a color HUD and you can change every bit of it up.  There are also additional color packs that you can purchase separately.  Halloween themed bedding to your everyday casual/luxury style bedding. Yes!  I did test the animations with someone and I even got busted there at The Romp.  Oh well… this bed has smooth animations both kinky and vanilla.  Great job.  Thanks Dee.

The wall decor is made by LeC @ Casa Diabolica.  This comes in a complete package and has more items inside the box than shown in the pic.  I didn’t know what I was gonna do with this, but then I thought ”Oh I’m gonna go cast me some spells.”  I like this set.. especially for Halloween theme, but if you’re like me you would do this on Christmas. XD

SwagBag!!!  The animation I used was by Sync’d Motion__Originals.  This is NOT a static pose, this is a pack of 6 poses that animate you.  Kinda creepy.  It was perfect for VooDoo.  I used these in a couple of my October posts by SwagBag.

Sync’d Motion__Originals has an inworld store with a lot of awesome dance animations that I have not seen anywhere.  These are a nice new way to go.  Very smooth.

Bottom line… I approve.

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