[N.103] Confessions Of A Sociopath

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As I have mentioned in my previous post the Romp is going on again for the October 2016 Round.  Get there.

My Sponsor- Dictatorshop is at The Romp!  She’s selling some beds – check my post [N.102] Tell Me When You Feel Something ~VooDoo~ for that info.

Short Reviews for my Sponsored items:

The [Ds] Modern Bondage Bed has both Male Dom and Femdom options.  RLV, cuddles, kisses and raunch.  One of the things that peaked my interest most is the suspension rails on the canopy bed.  Tie and tease, tie and denial.  As they deserve.  This bed is not small… I actually fit XD …usually it’s hard for me to fit on furniture without the need to constantly adjust everything because I’m…gigantic 😉

NO POSEBALLS!!  It detects male or female so when you sit you don’t have to worry about swapping and all that being afraid of getting Dominated by your Own sub. lol.  It also includes a texture HUD.  Many options to choose from.  These animations are sweet, sexy, rough and even nice and slow.  Go test it for yourselves.

Deadpool!!  My very first Sponsor.  He’s a great guy.

He created the Rope Decor.  This was a hot sale.  This set was being sold at the 50 Shades of Lust Event back in May 2016, but luckily you can still get it inworld @ their Mainstore.  There are matching items to go with this.  Just another great product to add to my collection of lust.

Ok… so this is my first post that I finally took the time to write a short story to go with the picture.  Listen to the song after the story and don’t message me asking me if my story is true.  Of course it’s true.  Laughs.

Be aware that this is a fictional story written by me.
Confessions of a Sociopath

by The Project God

He was a man of many faces who wore many types of masks, not the same as another and unlike any mask each of His was like a novel with it’s own distinct and separate story.  It is in His room while being alone behind closed doors where He reveals to only Himself who He really is, but who is He?

This is my story.

I may have a disorder, but I am not crazy.  People are attracted to my exceptionalism like moths to a flame.  It is true what they say, people only see what they want to see, and most of them cannot help how they feel.  I see social and emotional aspects of a person to be a ”gift.”  Two qualities that I lack.

You’d be surprised to know the many things that are in my head.  While most people in this world are not able to help the way they feel I am truly gifted to pretend that I do feel.  Of course it is with my superficial charm and good intelligence.  I am strategic and cunning, very tempting, and way beyond twisted.

One of my most favorite gifts that I hold is ‘I know what you are thinking.’   The funny part is you will never be able to get me out of your head.  I have a sweet mouth, with a sharp tongue that is even more evil than a snakes, and regular or ”normal” people are actually more blind than a bat.  I’m like the insect that crawls into your brain and you can’t get me out.  It’s very easy for me, but it is only the challenges that are most fun to me and so I make many goals and one of them is to enslave my victim and play with their little mind.

I feel no remorse, no guilt in anything I do and everything I do is for my own mental stimulation.  The fun begins before even approaching my victim and the real game begins when I say it does.  I do enjoy bringing my helpless victim into my bedroom a couple of times before showing them my collection of sharp stainless steel knives.  Such consideration is just another strategy I use.

I am always very confident that I can make the most sophisticated person that claims they have a ”mind of their own” become my little toy puppet.  I believe I am worse than a Sadist as I don’t always enjoy just causing physical pain, but I do enjoy inflicting all manners of pain on others including financial, emotional, psychological and social.

See the blood on my shirt?  Tonight I caused more than pain and suffering.

Listen to me.   I’ll tell you my secret.

The truth is I’m a Sociopath.


Sociopath Song: The Games You Play

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my post and short story.  I first began blogging to write short stories, but I got caught up with the fashion stuff.  I do plan to continue writing.  I want my pictures to tell stories. Thank you all for reading.  If you enjoyed this post please like and share.

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