[N.104] A Master In The Art



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The Master Throne has a dragon design which is finely carved, and beautifully textured, a real piece of art.  This throne is the latest and greatest made by Dee.  This comes with a fancy color hud to wear or rezz.  There are a variety of colors that makes this great for any scene.  This may look like a castle throne and it is, but this actually looked good in my outdoor garden because there is a jade color option so that made it real unique, just get creative.  The animations are fully up to date, very sexy, smooth, vanilla and hardcore with no faces option.  I love it.  Another Masterpiece for my home and garden. 

Noble Creations

The high quality made throw rug that I have down has two different styled rugs in the box, one is brown and one is white and brown.  This has a resizer script and it’s mod with color tint.  It is actually from a package that includes two Gorean style chairs which are not displayed in this post.  Need a fur rug you can mod colors for then go check it out inworld or just buy it even if you don’t need it.  As if you don’t do that already.

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