[№.118] Bye-Bye, Innocent

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Reviews are for my main top pieces in the scene:

The 5 piece Bed and Breakfast Bedroom set has two different colors (White Powder & Aqua) with Adult or PG included in the pack.  In the scene is the Aqua Adult set with smooth animations as always DRD has some of the best quality animations I have seen. I wasn’t really sure how I would blog this since it is very feminine, but I decided to just do a shoot without me in it and I was able to collaborate some of my other sponsored items with it so this was a fine main piece in the post.  It’s very elegant and innocent yet erotic with warm cuddles.

By | DRD Death Row Designs

Event Items @ Crossroads till December 29th, 2016

  • DRD | Bed and Breakfast – Lizette Bench – Aqua – Adult
  • DRD | Bed and Breakfast – Lizette Bed – Aqua – ADULT
  • DRD | Bed and Breakfast – Lizette Cupboard – Aqua
  • DRD | Bed and Breakfast – Lizette Elegant Vase
  • DRD | Bed and Breakfast – Lizette Mannequin – Dressed
  • DRD | Towel-basket

By | Dictatorshop

The best erotic store I have found so far and I am very proud to blog Dee’s stuff.  The Buckley Rocking Horse was another piece that I think is great, it seems it is for someone delicate.  I was wrong this is definitely not very delicate at all.  It is a D/s item, of course.. why would Dee make anything less than filthy?  This is BBG style – so if you’re a bbg I’m sure you will enjoy this.  There are many textures to customize and color the horse and saddle (brown, black, white, etc).  So guys if you want a western piece this is great for you too.  lol.

I laughed when Dee told me to sit on Buckley for my post.  That was not gonna happen, but I think it turned out best this way.  I hope you think so as well Dee.

The Whore Mattress.  I like this a lot.  I finally got a chance to make my round on this.  I am sure Dee has been anxious for me to post this.  Well, it’s awesome for any kind of play.  It is a rape mattress that comes in different colors, clean white, dirty, etc.  I decided to make it clean and toss it on the floor.  Excellent piece.

  • [Ds] | Buckley Rocking Horse ADULT Edition v1.1
  • [DS] | Whore Mattress v5.0a

By | {Q-Essentials}

By | Venue

  • Venue | Slave Pillow/Cushion Texture Changer

By | [NC] Noble Creations

  • [NC] Wood Candelabrum 5 Flames


Lana Del Rey – Gods And Monsters


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