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 In The Garage by Weezer




Furniture & Deco

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Garage Total Overhaul
by | [The Project God]

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Office Stuff

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PC Set by | [ kunst ] on Marketplace

  • PC SP-1 / black
  • PC tower / model 1
  • PC Monitor PC M-1
  • PC keyboard
  • PC Mouse pad 3
  • PC mouse

Office Stuff by |{Q-Essentials}

Set comes with a desk (not shown).  I will be posting that next time so look out for it.

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  • Curious Kitties :: Betta Bowl RARE by | JIAN

Garage Toys & Tools

[Ds] XXL Engine Crane Trap v1.0
by | Dictatorshop

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A Special Review by Me For Sponsored Item created by | Dictatorshop
The XXL Engine Crane Trap

This is a D/s BDSM item.  It’s my main piece, looks good, works great, it’s very realistic and manly as it should be.  It has a suspension with timer, RLV menu, lot’s of high quality animations for Male Dom and Female Domme  | M/f | F/m | M/M | F/F |


This inspired me to finally fix up my garage and actually make use of it.   So what you see is where I spend a lot of my time now.

Excellent job Dee.  It’s always a pleasure blogging for you.

Pin up Girls Wall Art by | Scalawag’s Treasures on Marketplace

  • Tin Sign – Grease Monkey
  • Tin Sign -Quickies
  • Tin Sign Fill ‘er UP

Garage Props by | Temp Socke on Marketplace

  • RR – Compressor 02
  • RR – Compressor 03
  • RR – Toolbox 02
  • RR – Toolbox 03
  • Mesh Pallet
  • RR – Car Creeper

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