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Contempo Furniture Set

by Dictatorshop | @ The Romp May 2017

[Ds] Contempo Adult Sofa V1.0

[Ds] Contempo Chair Adult V1.0

[Ds] Contempo OMNI Bondage Cross V1.0

[Ds] Contempo OMNI Bondage Stool V1.0

[Ds] Contempo OMNI Bondage Horse V1.0

Special Sponsored Item Review by [The Project God]

Contemporary is back in style.  This is another awesome creation.  I really like the theme, menu is both Vanilla and D/s FemDom/MaleDom and best of all NO Fking POSE BALLS! This set has a menu option for leather and metal textures.  I will for sure be keeping this in my living room.  Well done Dee.  Keep up the good work.


Black Langley Storage Bench by | {Q-Essentials}  @ Lost & Found May 2017

Black Langley Hanging Storage Unit by | {Q-Essentials}  @ Lost & Found May 2017

  • Guilty Pleasures Sideboard Black//Dirty by | The Hive
  • Guilty Pleasures Hutch Black//Dirty by | The Hive
  • Guilty Pleasures End Table //Black by | The Hive




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