[№.141] My Girl is Out of Town Tonight…I Like It.

sync motion dance 141




Blouse & Side Slits T-Shirt | by | …Scars…

Layered Pants | by | …Scars…



KalonHair | by | [BAD HAIR DAY] 

Bones Bracelets (For Couples) | by | **RE** 

Raptor Watch | by | **RE** 

Rise Tattoo. | by | DAPPA

Special Review for [BAD HAIR DAY]

This is my fave hair!  Soon…I will own all of these hairs from the creator’s inworld store.  I been looking for something like this for a good while.  I went into his store and waited a whole week for this hair to be updated in the vendor and after so long I finally messaged him and he hooked me up for the delay.  

He’s cool AF.  Thanks man!  Keep up the good work!  So far everything looks great.  Check it out guys!

Damn she will kill me for using this song … oh well.  

Actually the song I chose was inspired by the name of the dance animation ~ Girl~

 Keep reading below for more info.




Sync’d Motion__Inspired


(uni-sex M/F)

Don’t let the name of these dance animations fool you.  These are uni-sex dances sold individually or in a FatPack.  

It’s cool, it’s hyped.  I like it.  I also like that my girl is out of town.  Time to party!  I’ll be at a secret club tonight.  Can’t tell you where.  Try to find me.

↓ Check out the dance video on Vimeo 

Sync'd Motion_Inspired - Girl



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