[№.149] Pain Amplifier


Sync'd 00333.jpg



::GB:: jersey pants & Waist shirt by | Gabriel | @ TMD

::GB:: platform boots / Black by | Gabriel | @ TMD

::GB:: Mouton Hoodie Coat by | Gabriel | (past event)


 R23 Mask by | VRSION | @ TMD

.::GB:: Bento Leather gloves by | Gabriel | (past event)

DAPPA – Oblivion Tattoo. @ MAN CAVE EVENT

I’m back……

but only for a hot second to tell you what’s up.


The Creator of Sync’d Motion_Originals keeps me logging on for their new releases.

So you all know that I always give it to you real *whispers* ”no matter what.”

This is the RIOT dance pack.  These animations are truly creative and grabbed my attention with the creepy innovative moves that kept my eyes locked and fascinated with my avatar.  A+ 5 Stars from Me.  Go to TMD and be some of the first to get it while it’s at it’s hottest.

Of course I’m gonna hook you up with some bad @$$ music so you can feel what I’m feelin’.

Might wanna read the lyrics before you sing it though.  You’re sick.

Watch Dance Video Here

Sync'D Motion__Originals - Riot  Pack.png

Sync’d has proven to be the most capable of dance animators.



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