[№.152] Owned, Loved & Protected | Special Video






”If Dominance is an act of setting someone free,

and submission is an act of willfully

devoting oneself to another,

then who is the captor and who is the captive?

A leash after all has two ends,

both of which must be held.

Ultimately, Dominant and submissive 

are bound to one another not by chains

but by their own need,

and the mutual fulfillment of those needs.

We do for one another what no one else can or will.

We are here by choice

and by choice we stay.”



I love you a million times infinity.


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4 thoughts on “[№.152] Owned, Loved & Protected | Special Video

  1. ♥This brought to many emotions to surface Daddy and this is so special to me Thank you Daddy Happy 2 year Collaring Annivesary Daddy 4/23/18
    Once Lost now found I am happy to be yours Daddy♥


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