Escape With Me Into My Mind

Escape With Me Into My Mind

I will allow you to wander through my mind, but you will get lost, even I do.

Cursed.  Many times along the way.  Well, you curse me, you curse yourself.  Looking for an escape are you?  Turn around.  Come back this way.  This is the path I take.  I walk this lonely path on the darkest nights that leads to the darkest of things; creatures, monsters, super-naturals that call themselves human, anything dark you can think of it’s there, and if you walk this path with me you will be surrounded by the most negative entities, but believe me when I say ”Once we pass through the darkness it will all be beautiful, everything you’ve ever dreamed of, it’s there, I just know it.”

Don’t be scared.  Come with me.

I’m handsome.  I’m also quite obsessive, possessive, and incredibly insane.   Call me ”narcissistic” if you would, I don’t care.  Master of manipulation, I embrace it.  The words that escape my mouth are the sweetest of words that leave an after-taste, a bit bitter, yet still very good.  I am alluring.  I’ll tempt you to walk this evil path with me.  I’ll smile at you, I’ll take your hand and hold it into mine.  I’ll guide you through the non-starry, howling, night, and as we walk together, you will feel free, but you’re really not.  You see me as your guiding light, but soon enough you will see that I’m really not.  This is an illusion, and I’m the illusionist, a light so tainted, near corruption, you’ll see.  Grab my hand, come now.  I won’t let you go.

I’m leading us down a path called nowhere.  What you don’t know is the moment I spoke to you – you have already entered my world.  A world only I created.  This place you thought I was taking you to for an ”escape” is now your cage and you are my prisoner.  My purpose was never to lead you out, but only to lure you in deeper, deeper into the darkness where there is no such thing as light.  Now if you take a look around and look deeper into your own mind you will see that there is no one here speaking.

Godric, you are the only one here.  You are the illusionist.  The voice in your head is the true Master of manipulation, manipulating yourself.  That would make you your own worst enemy.  This is all yours. You created your own misery that you now pretend is your own sick happiness.  You are sick.

…I am sick.

This is an internal battle you see; I led myself here, no one else.  This was suppose to be an escape.  My escape became a cage.

Welcome to My Secondlife.

[The Project God]


Once lost, then found in a dark place.  Light into the darkness, trapped between the extremes of Good and Evil.  It is true what they say, things are rarely what it seems.  You may think of me as someone dark and evil, but maybe I’m really just an angel, an angel in disguise or maybe you’re just confused and I’m a beast trapped inside a crazed, mad mans body.  I don’t want to be saved and I don’t want to save you, but in the end it is I that will save you.

I give you your release as you crave to be freed, but you will never be free, you will never truly escape me.  Blinded  by light.  You will lose yourself in me.  I will slither through your mind making you crawl following me into the darkest of temptations.  Do you really want to know me?  Alright then, come here.  I will give you just a taste and then I will starve you, but it is my light that still feeds you and then you drain me, making me thirsty and this is how it all begins.  You become addicted and only I am the cure and then you relapse.

I am your relapse.

. . . r u n .

[The Project God]

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