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irWelcome To My World…

such a small world with lots of ideas.

In Second Life you can find me @ GodricDeCristoforo.  I been iSL for about a few years now.  I’ve done a great number of different things iSL.  Some of my fave things to do is building homes and scenes, landscaping and sim design, and blogging during my free time.

I originally started my blog for writing dark, deep thoughts, and short stories and that takes time to do.  I have to be in a certain mood to get that dark so it’s not everyday or even every week or month which is why I decided to extend my blog to other things and SL Fashion is one of them since my inventory is a hot organized mess.

One of my greatest things I enjoy here is helping to expose fellow bloggers and so I made an SL FEED page to help promote their hard work and have a chance to succeed too.  Some of us do it for fun or for sponsorship.  I ended up doing it for both, it’s a good hobby and keeps my mind busy, also instead of wearing things a few times and never seeing them again I get to look back at it and I don’t feel like it was such a big waste of L$.

You can also discover the most beautiful, unique, happy and even dark Photographic Sims that most of you never even knew existed.  My blog exposes the true existence of hidden beauty with only the best Fashion Styles, new and even very established Bloggers, Photographic Sims, Nightlife Entertainment Clubs and Lounges.  You also get the opportunity to take a peak into my mind through my Prologue ‘Escape With Me Into My Mind.’  Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved.

On top of all of this I still gotta wake up early and go to work in RL.  I do hope you all will find my site very handy with easy navigation tools so that you may discover only the best in SL.

Keep checking back for updates, bookmark me and don’t forget to Follow Me, Like and Share this page.  You all are awesome.  Thank you!

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