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Here you will find Nightlife and Entertainment Clubs, D/s Lounges, Hangouts. Anything Exclusive has a group join fee, but don’t worry I will only list the ones well worth paying to get in.

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Here’s My Hot Spots

D/s Exclusive Members Only

[The Chamber]

Chambers is my first choice for an upscale BDSM D/s lounge great for meeting  like-minded people.  Men need to dress semi-formal that means no jeans and ladies you can come naked if you wish.

| Elysion |

Great for dating or romancing – something I don’t do, but I do like to go for the masquerade themed events.  This is another classy, upscale, D/s place with lots of adult areas to cuddle or just hang out.  Events are usually held on weekends, but always open to exclusive members.

| Teqi’s Lounge |

A place I barely discovered which I enjoy going from time to time.  Nice updated AV’s, a good adult lounge to f#@&, relax and meet new people or just be another annoying pervert.  The owner is very strict so make sure you follow the rules.


Hot Spot.  This place has Rap & R&B.  Good music.  Good people.

FMD Feed My Desires

I like FMD.  Seems like a younger crowd of people than all of the above listed clubs, maybe 20’s to late 30’s… who knows.  Everyone here usually has well made avs, one of the best spots on the list.  This was originally FMD aka F&#% Me Daddy which is known to be mostly for DD/bbg D/s, but is open to all sorts of lifestyles, just no animal avs allowedCheck out their Flickr

Dance Clubs | Free To Join

Club 02

Beach Clubs

Dirty South Beach


More to come.

We all know how hard it is to find a good club.  I prefer to go to places that have a tasteful setup, classy D/s lounges, well put together clubs with dance floors and definitely where you can mingle with people that actually have well made avs.  Everyone should get mesh bodies and do away with the standard look, it’s really not healthy and plus some of these places actually require updated avs which I am sure most of us appreciate.  I refuse to list places with outdated furniture, including lame poseballs and horrible cheap ad signs all over the place, otherwise the whole grid would be listed… that’s too much work for me.

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